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Food in Taipei

Travel Portal brings you to the world of eating food in Taiwan. This is one of the restaurant visited during our stay in Taipei and the food is quite delicious! Taipei is one of our favorite destination when comes to travelling as we love the food. Hope you will also be entertained with delicious food that you can find in Taiwan.

Food Paradise in Taiwan

Taipei is one of our favorite destination when comes to eating food. We had tried most of the famous night markets as well as restaurants in Taiwan. If you are going to Taipei, remember to do some research on what types of food you are interested in eating and noting the best locations you can find before leaving for Taiwan. We travel around Taipei using the subway and public transport which is pretty convenient. We bought the octopus card for transport.

One thing for sure, you will never be hungry in Taipei as the streets are full of places where you can enjoy a nice meal. If you love Beef Noodles then you must try Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles as they are one of the oldest shop selling it. Also Taipei night markets are the best place where you can enjoy tasting many different variety of street snacks. One of the best night market will be at Shilin. The whole street is filled with variety of street snacks and you must try them. Another place will be Ningxia night market where you can really enjoy seafood snacks and dishes. Be warn that it is usually fully packed with people.

Here are some photographs of what you will see in Taipei!

Ningxia Night Market
Photo taken in Taipei
food for pleasure
Photo taken in Taipei
Photo taken for dessert
Photo taken is squids
Ningxia night market
Photo taken at Ningxia night market
smelly tofu
Photo taken for smelly Tofu
3 sisters
Photo taken at 3 sisters shop
dazzling cafe
Photo taken at dazzling cafe
beef noodles
Photo taken for beef noodles
Photo taken at Jiufen
Taipei National Day Parade
Photo taken for Taipei National Day Parade
Taipei temple
Photo taken at Taipei temple

There are so many photographs taken in Taipei but cannot be shown here. If you are a food lover then you will definitely enjoy eating your way for the night markets as well as some restaurants. Taipei is famous for Shaobing that most Taiwanese loves to eat for breakfast. The one that we tasted is crisy shaobing that is a little bit sweet but lots of sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Together with the sweet soy milk to soak that makes your mouth watering. Some people will prefer to have the you tiao to soak in the soy milk for breakfast. I am a lover for Xiao Long Bao and what you can get in Taipei really can melt in your mouth while the soup drip down your throat and filled with the meat as you savour it.

Taiwanese pork chop rice at Dong Yi Pai Gu is one of the best if you love eating it. Another place where you can enjoy nice beef noodle at Tao Yuan Street. I never miss any chance of eating it whenever I travel in Taiwan. The beef is so tender and the soup is one of the best taste I tried. I also love braised pork belly where I will go to Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan. Just by thinking of it really makes my mouth watering when comes to food.