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What We Do?

Knowledge worths more than a treasure box

Travel Experience

Bringing the world travel to you. Sharing what we see and giving you the products and services that can benefit you. Treasure can be seen when you travel round the world.

Concept of Feng Shui to change your destiny

Feng Shui

Secrets of Feng Shui helps you with your life. Do you know that certain things in your life is already written down in your Bazi? 33% of luck can be changed utilizing Feng Shui.

Thai amulet blessing your fortune and wealth

Thai Amulets

Rent an amulet to help securing your future of wealth and fortune. Not forgetting ensuring good health and avoid accidents. Be sincere and your amulet will help you.

Work One

Tibetan dZi Beads

Are you fated to possess dZi? It had been told that only those who are fated shall possess it. Will you be the one? The mystic power of dZi can help those who are in need.


Travel Countries

Taiwan Travel

Adventure of travelling in Taiwan and learning their cultures, lifestyle and desserts.

United States
USA Travel

Best cooling temperature while travelling in USA and nice experience at Exploratium.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Travel

Visiting Hong Kong in travel is an eye-opening experience and discovery.

England Travel

Beautiful structure and building like the Roman period.


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