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Travel to London

London in summer is the hottest and the temperature is quite unbearable. Unfortunately we had to travel during summer period, suffering from the heat! Those who want to travel during summer time, remember to bring drink bottles as you will definitely need to get hydrated all the times otherwise you might suffer heat stroke. Underground train experience was kinda surprising...

Visiting London

14 Days in London

Day 1: Singapore - London Heathrow Airport - Adria Hotel
44 Glenthorne Road Hammersmith, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom W6 0LS
Depart from Home at 10:00 am to Changi Airport Terminal Three, Singapore Airlines Check-in Counter to collect our boarding passes. Went to KrisFlyer Gold Lounge located at:
Passenger Terminal 3, 3rd Floor, Near to gates A1-5. To have light snacks/shopping before boarding. Plane will depart at 12:35PM & arrive at Heathrow Airport at 7:15PM. Upon arrival at London, proceed to Immigration Clearance & baggage claim. Can use Free WiFi network @ _Heathrow Wi-Fi and follow the on-screen instructions. Proceed to airport underground station ticket office at Level 1 to purchase Oyster card and load the 7 day Travel Card Zone 1 and 2. GBP5 is refundable. Follow the signs to the Heathrow Express station. Walk to take the Heathrow Express service to London Paddington - transfer time is 15 minutes. Return trip price - ($5.5 X 2 = $11.00 per person X 3 = $33.00). Heathrow Express - Non-stop trains run every 15 minutes. The journey between London Paddington and Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 takes 15 minutes. Email tickets: Simply print the email and hand it to our on-board staff. From Paddington Station walk to the London Underground (Tube) Station. Take the Hammersmith & City Line to Hammersmith Station, 8 stops away. Alight at stop 8, Hammersmith Station. About 0.2m (4mins) walk to our hotel. Walk against the traffic from Hammersmith Train Station to Adria Hotel and proceed to check-in. After Check in if it is still early, we can make a stop at Sainsbury Supermarket at Kings Mall Shopping Center or Tessco Metro at Hammersmith Broadway (close at 12:00am) for some groceries. To walk (4 minutes) - follow the traffic direction (keep right) until cross junction (after The Swan - A219) to go against traffic (Starbuck Coffee - left side) reach the hammersmith station. By bus (5 minutes) - Walk against the traffic direction to Iffley Road bus stop - 2 stops to Hammersmith Station. Bus Numbers: 27, 190, 266, 267, 391, H91, N9, N11. Refresh and relax and recharge for next day activities.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Horse Guard Parade
Horse Guard Parade

Hammersmith Area, British Library, Camden Town, Baker Street, Kings Cross Station

Explore Hammersmith Area, Camden Town, Baker Street and Kings Cross Station Breakfast options:
- Macdonalds
- Sushi from Wasabi

From Hotel to Kings Mall Shopping Center: Walk about 5 mins, 0.3 miles to Kings Mall Shopping Center. To walk (5 minutes) - Follow the traffic direction using A315 route until before La Petite Bretagne pancake house to cut through (Lyric Square) to A315 route and follow the traffic direction using A315 until Wasabi Sushi Bento (right hand side will be the shopping mall). Follow the direction of the traffic and walk on Glenthorne Rd/A315 towards St Therton Rd. Turn right onto Hammersmith Grove. We will have our breakfast first, before doing some grocery shopping at Sainsbury. After breakfast and grocery shopping, we will proceed to:
- British Library (1-3 hours)
- Camden Town (2 hours)
- Piccadilly Circus (1-2 hours)

After breakfast and grocery shopping, we will proceed to the British Library. There is free Wifi here. Library closes at 5:00PM. Building
Nice Building Structure

From Hotel To British Library:
- Total travel time is about 35 mins.
From Hotel walk to Hammersmith Station or take a bus. Take the Hammersmith & City Barking from Hammersmith Station to Kings Cross St. Pancras Underground Station. Take the Circle King's Cross from Hammersmith Station to Kings Cross St. Pancras Underground Station. No 10th stop - Baker Street Station Hyde Park , No 11th stop - Great Portland Street, No 12th stop - Euston Square, No 13th stop King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station Walk 7 mins, 0.3 miles to British Library. To See the free exhibition "treasures of the british library" at the British Library:
Treasures of the library includes:
- Works by other composers, such as Beethoven and Chopin, are also displayed here in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery.
- Other important handwritten pieces of literature can be seen here as well, like Beowulf, Jane Austen's Persuasion, selected works by Charles Dickens, and Shakespeare's First Folio.
- Sidenote: If you're looking for the oldest ever known printed book, that would be The Diamond Sutra, a book printed on a scroll in 868 in China, and it's also on display in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery.

If we are hungry we can drop by MacDonald's at:
302-304 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross N1 9XD, UK (Open 24hrs)
Belgrove House, London NW1 2RY, UK (Open 24Hrs)

Nice Structure

From British Library to McDonald's:
- Total travel time is about 3 mins. From British Library walk about 1 min, 430ft to British Library (Stop C) Bus Stop same side as the traffic flow to King's Cross St. Pancras (Stop E) Bus Stop. Take Bus 476 Northumberland Park. Total travel time is about 1 min (non-stop). From King's Cross St. Pancras (Stop E) Bus Stop Walk about 1 min, 148 ft to McDonald's. Destination will be on the Left. From McDonald's to Camden Town Station:
Total travel time is about 12 mins. Walk about 4 mins, 0.1 miles to King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station. Take the Northern Edgware. Note: "Camden Town: From Wednesday 30 May until late July 2018, there will be no down escalator at Camden Town. This is while we refurbish one escalator." -
Effective from 30/5/18, 3:30 AM to 31/7/18, 1:29 AM

After filling our tummies, we will explore the Camden Town Area for some window shopping/shopping. We will visit the Camden Market (before 6:00PM), H&M, Select Fashion.
Start: Camden Town Underground Station
Finish: Camden Market Stables

We will visit the following for photo ops:
Stop 1 - Electric Ballroom
Stop 2 - Inverness Street/Old Market
Stop 3 - Arlington House (One Housing Group)
Stop 4 - Camden Lock
Stop 5 - Regent's Canal
Stop 6 - Canal Street Art
Stop 7 - Primrose Hill
Stop 8 - Chalk Farm
Stop 9 - Roundhouse
Stop 10 - Camden Market Stables and Bazaar. Can purchase some food to take away for dinner if it is cheap.
Have Dinner at Poppies.
Visit Statue of Amy Winehouse near Camden Market.

Stop 1 - Electric Ballroom
We will begin our tour just outside Camden Town Underground Station. Upon exit of the station, turn RIGHT down Camden High Street until we see ELECTRIC BALLROOM.

Stop 2 - Inverness Street/Old Market
Continue down Camden High Street until you see the market sign above INVERNESS STREET on your LEFT.

Stop 3 - Arlington House (One Housing Group)
Continue down Inverness Street then turn RIGHT onto ARLINGTON ROAD. Stop outside number 220: ARLINGTON HOUSE.

Stop 4 - Camden Lock
Continue down Arlington Road and cross over Jamestown Road. Walk down the path between the buildings that is CAMDEN WHARF. Stop when we get to CAMDEN LOCK (by the pub: THE ICE HOUSE)

Stop 5 - Regent's Canal
Now cross the bridge over the water and follow along with the side of the canal. Walk until we begin to walk under a bridge and STOP here.

Stop 6 - Canal Street Art
Continue following the water, we will be on the opposite side of a large building labeled The Pirate Castle. Keep going until weget to another overhead bridge and spot the art on the edge of the canal.

Stop 7 - Primrose Hill
Head up and away from the canal, going up the pathway that leads past Melrose and Morgan. We will then come out onto GLOUCESTER AVENUE (across the street from The Engineer Pub) and STOP.

Stop 8 - Chalk Farm
Cross GLOUCESTER AVENUE and walk down PRINCESS ROAD. Walk until we hit REGENT'S PARK ROAD and turn RIGHT. This will take us to the entrance of a park - PRIMROSE HILL. Here we can enter the park and we will have the option of climbing the tallest hill for a view over London. Or keep on REGENT'S PARK ROAD until we get back to GLOUCESTER AVENUE. Here, take the pedestrian path onto the bridge and cross. On the other side of the bridge take a RIGHT - we will be back on REGENT'S PARK ROAD. When we get to the junction with CHALK FARM ROAD then STOP.

Stop 9 - Roundhouse
Turn RIGHT onto CHALK FARM ROAD until we get to the large building on our right - THE ROUNDHOUSE.

Stop 10 - Camden Market Stables and Bazaar
Continue down CHALK FARM ROAD. When we get to the second street on our RIGHT (look for the entrance to CAMDEN MARKET) turn RIGHT and enter CAMDEN MARKET. Just don't forget to visit the Amy Winehouse statue before we leave! Dinner at Poppies Fish & Chips.

Items to order:
Cod and Haddock with chips

Building Structure
Nice Building Structure

After Dinner, we will continue to explore Camden Town or proceed to King's Cross Station. After a day at Camden Town, we will return to King's Cross Station to explore the area and some photo ops. From Camden Town Station to King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station:
Total travel time is about 4 mins (2 stops)
Take the Northern Morden and walk about 4 mins, 0.2 miles to The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 for some photo ops. If hungry, we can purchase deli-style roasted-meat sandwiches at the Koisk or eat food bought from Camden Market. Stroll over to Fortnam and Mason to purchase tea for gifts. Walk about 5 mins, 03 miles from The Harry Potter Shop to Destination. Next, we will proceed to Piccadilly Circus to see the famous electric lights on its digital advertisements (the Piccadilly Lights, Soho, London W1D 7ET, UK) which are displayed on its buildings. Horse Guard
Horse Guard

From King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station to Piccadilly Circus:
Total travel time is about 10 mins. Take the Piccadilly Heathrow Terminal 4 to Piccadilly Circus Station Total travel time is about 7 mins (5 stops) From Piccadilly Circus Station Walk about 1 min, 0.1 miles to Piccadilly Lights. Piccadilly Circus Highlights:
But the ultimate must-do for any first-time visitor to Piccadilly Circus would be to pose for a photo underneath the Piccadilly Lights; (which normally have pictures of hats or balloons so you can place your hand and/or head underneath them accordingly).

The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain is located at the center of Piccadilly Circus, and was built in 1893 to commemorate the famous philanthropist Lord Shaftesbury. The statue at the top of the fountain depicts the Angel of Christian Charity, however, it was later renamed Eros (after the Greek god of love and beauty).

The London Pavilion is another notable attraction in Piccadilly Circus, (which is located on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Coventry Street), as well as the Criterion theatre (to the south) and the world-famous Lilywhites department store (to the south of Ripleys).

From Piccadilly Circus Station, head back to hotel to rest for the day.

From Piccadilly Circus Station to Hotel:
Total travel time is about 22 mins. Take the Piccadilly Heathrow Terminal 4 to Hammersmith Station. 5th Stop: Gloucester Road, 6th Stop: Earl's Court, 7th Stop: Barons Court Station. Total travel time is about 15 mins (8 stops). From Hammersmith Station Walk about 5 min, 0.3 miles to Hotel.